Arnold Schwarzenegger Named Netflix’s Chief Action Officer

Netflix made a groundbreaking announcement on Monday, revealing that the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger has been appointed as the Chief Action Officer (CAO) of the streaming giant. In this new role, Schwarzenegger will spearhead the promotion of Netflix’s upcoming action-packed lineup, which includes highly anticipated titles like Extraction 2, The Witcher, and Heart of Stone.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Schwarzenegger shared his excitement in a video accompanying the announcement. “No one has a greater passion for action than I do. That’s why I’ve embraced this significant new position as Netflix’s Chief Action Officer,” he proclaimed. “I am tirelessly working to deliver the most spectacular action experiences on Earth.”

With his signature charisma, he humorously added, “When it comes to action, nobody understands it better than I do, and Netflix is about to unleash an unparalleled wave of excitement.”

In the video, Schwarzenegger made a grand entrance at Netflix’s offices by arriving in a tank and playfully running over a car. Embracing his role, he indulges in the upcoming action projects and playfully suggests ways to make them even more epic.

This exciting announcement coincides with Schwarzenegger’s upcoming Netflix series, FUBAR, which marks his debut as a lead actor in a television series. Set to premiere on May 25th, FUBAR follows the thrilling story of a father and daughter duo, portrayed by Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro respectively, who unwittingly discover their shared secret CIA affiliations when they are assigned a mission together.

Check out the video below:


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