James Purefoy and James Gunn Among Those To Pay Tribute To Ray Stevenson

Continuing on from the unexpected news yesterday, we mourn the untimely demise of Ray Stevenson, the acclaimed Irish actor renowned for his memorable performances in HBO’s “Rome” and his portrayal of one of the Warriors Three in Marvel’s Thor films. The news has left countless friends and colleagues devastated, prompting them to express their heartfelt tributes on various social media platforms. Fondly remembered as a beacon of warmth and kindness, Ray’s charismatic presence illuminated every room he entered, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him.

Only a month ago, Stevenson graced Star Wars Celebration with his unmistakable energy and infectious joy. He radiated excitement as he embraced his role in the vast Star Wars universe, reveling in the magnitude of the event. Despite his untimely passing, his presence will live on in the upcoming series Ahsoka, where he will be remembered for his portrayal of the sinister Baylan Skoll. Stevenson’s enthusiasm for being part of a galaxy far, far away was palpable and genuine.

In addition to his Star Wars involvement, Stevenson recently showcased his acting prowess in the acclaimed film RRR, where he brilliantly embodied the character of the villainous Governor Scott Buxton. The film’s official Twitter page paid a heartfelt tribute to his talent and contribution, acknowledging the impact he made on the production.

James Purefoy, the esteemed actor who graced the screen alongside Stevenson in the illustrious period drama Rome, often hailed as a trailblazer in its own right and recognized by many as a precursor to the epic phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, has been hailed by his co-star as nothing short of extraordinary. In the words of Stevenson, Purefoy is an exceptional talent, a force to be reckoned with, possessing a remarkable blend of brilliance, audacity, and a captivating larger-than-life presence.

James Gunn, who had the opportunity to collaborate with Stevenson during the production of the post-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World, fondly remembered him as an absolute delight to work with. Gunn expressed his heartfelt condolences to Stevenson’s loved ones, acknowledging the profound loss they were experiencing.


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