Netflix Launches Crackdown On Account Sharing In UK And USA

Netflix has implemented its long-anticipated measure to address password sharing in the United Kingdom.

The streaming giant is reaching out to subscribers engaged in sharing Netflix account credentials, informing them that such practices will no longer be allowed.

Instead, Netflix will promote the option of “transferring a profile,” enabling users to create independent accounts for themselves. Alternatively, subscribers will have the opportunity to “add an extra member” for £4.99 per month, thereby allowing individuals residing outside the account holder’s household to be included.

Netflix has taken a more assertive approach to remove unauthorized users from shared accounts, accompanied by an encouragement for password changes to prevent previous devices from accessing the service.

In cases where individuals are sharing an account with permission, Netflix offers several options. The “transfer a profile” tool allows users to create a new and independent account while retaining their watch history and personal details. Additionally, the “buy an extra member” tool permits individuals outside the account holder’s household to share an account at a lower cost than a full membership.

The implementation of Netflix’s password sharing crackdown has been gradually expanding globally, commencing in Latin America and subsequently extending to regions such as Spain and Portugal. The company has not disclosed its criteria for selecting countries targeted by this new initiative.

This move is part of Netflix’s strategy to address the deceleration in subscriber growth and seek innovative approaches to enhance profitability. It estimates that approximately 100 million people worldwide are utilizing others’ Netflix accounts, and by encouraging a portion of these users to subscribe independently, the company aims to counteract the decline in new signups.


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