Serial Abuser Rolf Harris Dead At 93

The disgraced former entertainer Rolf Harris, who was jailed for numerous assaults on young girls, has died at the age of 93.

Harris, a well-known entertainer who arrived in Britain from Australia in 1953, faced severe consequences when he was convicted for a series of sexual assaults on young girls. The crimes involved both a childhood friend of his daughter and an autograph hunter. Despite vehemently denying the accusations, Harris was found guilty in a high-profile trial. The jury found him guilty of a dozen historical indecent assaults against four girls, as well as four charges of producing indecent child images. This conviction had a devastating impact on his career and tarnished his once-sterling reputation.

In 2014, Harris received a sentence of five years and nine months in prison. During the sentencing, the judge emphasized that Harris had exploited his celebrity status and displayed a lack of remorse. His actions were seen as an abuse of trust and an exploitation of his influence.

Throughout his career, Harris had achieved significant fame and success. He hosted numerous TV series and made appearances as a guest on various shows starting from the 1960s. Additionally, he gained popularity through his musical endeavors, with hits like “Jake the Peg,” “Two Little Boys,” and “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.” He even graced the stage multiple times at the renowned Glastonbury Festival.

For his contributions, Harris received numerous prestigious honors and accolades, including an MBE, OBE, and CBE. He was also awarded a BAFTA fellowship and honorary university doctorates. However, following his conviction, all of these honors were subsequently revoked, highlighting the severity of his offenses and their impact on his standing in society.

The cause of death is not yet known.

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