Several Titles Including Willow Set To Be Removed From Disney+

DVD lovers, brace yourselves! The once-promising era of streaming, where everything was supposed to be available anytime, anywhere, is starting to lose its shine. Following the trend of dropped projects on HBO Max without alternative viewing options, Disney+ is now set to remove major series, documentaries, and original movies from its platform on May 26. This move is believed to be driven by cost-cutting measures, although the specific details and financial implications remain uncertain.

According to Deadline, among the projects leaving Disney+ next week are the recent Willow streaming series, the sports drama sequel series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, the Turner & Hooch show, National Geographic’s The World According To Jeff Goldblum, the Sex Pistols drama Pistol, the fantasy film Artemis Fowl, the Shakespearean teen comedy movie Rosaline, and the series adaptation of Y:The Last Man. Additionally, the documentary Howard, which explores the life of songwriter Howard Ashman and his contributions to the Disney Renaissance era, will also be removed. Ashman, who played a significant role in films like The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, and Aladdin, tragically passed away in the early 1990s due to AIDS-related complications.

It remains uncertain whether these series, films, and documentaries will return to Disney+ in the future or receive physical releases. During a recent Disney earnings call, CFO Christine McCarthy mentioned that the company was evaluating the content on its direct-to-consumer services to align with strategic changes in content curation. The takeaway from this is that your favorite streaming releases might not be available indefinitely, so cherish them while you can.


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